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Custom Wedding Caricature From Photos - Give A Caricature As A Gift!
- Turn Your Photo into a Caricature Drawing! You send us a photo, we draw you...
- Incredible Likeness!!! Amazing... Fabulous.... Fun... Personalized Gifts!
- Using this pre-designed caricature, our caricaturists will create your personalized wedding caricature drawing based on your photos / pictures.

Getting Married in a Church Wedding Caricature

Style NO. W024
Price : USD $89.00
Artwork Type > Pre-designed bodies and background (custom heads only)
Nubmer of subjects > Double Caricatures (2 Persons)
Greeting Messages > FREE add Name / Date / Wordings... to your drawing.
Digital Caricature > 100% Hand-drawn digital caricature using computer tablet and digital pen.
Digital Format > A4 size 8"x11", 300dpi high resolution, JPG file
Artwork creation time > 3-4 business days from receipt of order and photo
Satisfaction Guaranteed > 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Unlimited revisions! FREE E-proof!
Photos Requirements > Choose 1-2 photos that you absolutely love! Clear and candid photos work the best. Preferably Close-up front view photo of your face (head shots).

pre-designed caricatures drawing

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